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About Us

Discover Cabinet Hub Direct: Your Path to Unbeatable Savings

Welcome to Cabinet Hub Direct, a realm where empowerment, savings, and exceptional quality intersect to redefine the landscape for both consumers and contractors alike. With a cumulative experience of over 30 years in marketing, our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide you towards financial prosperity and unparalleled benefits. In this exploration, we delve deep into the core of our mission, the origins of Cabinet Hub Direct, and how we serve as a catalyst in reshaping the dynamics for individual consumers and contractors within today's competitive market.

Introducing Cabinet Hub Direct: Bridging the Gap for All

At Cabinet Hub Direct, we firmly advocate that the advantages typically reserved for large corporations should be accessible to every participant within the business ecosystem. We recognize that the business landscape can sometimes favor larger entities, leaving smaller players like contractors grappling to secure similar advantages. Our principal objective is to revolutionize this narrative through an innovative initiative that stands as a symbol of inclusivity and fairness.

Empowering Consumers and Contractors Alike

From its inception, Cabinet Hub Direct was designed with contractors at the forefront. We recognized the immense potential to cater to the needs of contractors right from day one. While our foundation has always been contractor-centric, we also saw an opportunity to extend our expertise to the business-to-business landscape. This realization prompted the evolution of Cabinet Hub Direct into a formidable advocate for both contractors and consumers. Through strategic partnerships with contractors who share our vision, we've built a network that enhances our negotiation prowess. This elevated leverage empowers us to facilitate deals and negotiate prices that were previously out of reach.

Navigating the Landscape of Deals and Savings

Cabinet Hub Direct transcends the role of a conventional supplier – it emerges as a companion in the journey of prudent spending and substantial savings. Our dedication to democratizing access to extraordinary deals is palpable, as we channel our hard-earned benefits directly to you. By harnessing the collective strength of our network, we assure that the products and resources you seek are not only of the highest quality but are also priced in alignment with your financial scope.

A New Era of Equitable Business Landscape

Our mission is clear and noble: to level the playing field. We firmly uphold the belief that the potential for exceptional deals and astute financial decisions should be accessible to every individual, contractor, and enterprise, irrespective of their size. Cabinet Hub Direct stands as your ally in transforming this vision into a reality. Through our platform, you gain entry to the same top-tier advantages that larger corporations relish, empowering you to compete and flourish with unparalleled determination.

Our Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

CHD exclusively partners with the industry's most experienced and fully accredited manufacturers. At Cabinet Hub Direct, we've diligently established uncompromising high-standard prequalifying criteria, aligning ourselves solely with those who can provide the most competitive pricing without compromising on quality craftsmanship, service, and prompt reliable delivery when you need it.

Here's what you can expect at a minimum:

  • All cabinets feature solid hardwood door frames and face frames, coupled with hardwood or engineered center panels.
  • Cabinet boxes boast 1/2 inch plywood construction, encompassing sides, tops, and bottoms.
  • Shelves are crafted from 3/4 inch plywood.
  • Drawer boxes are constructed with 3/4 inch dovetail fasteners.
  • All cabinets come standard with soft-close hinges and drawers.

Join Us on a Journey of Transformation

We extend a sincere invitation to you, our esteemed reader, to join us on a voyage that transcends the conventional boundaries of commerce. With Cabinet Hub Direct, you're not merely a consumer or a contractor – you're a collaborator in a movement to redefine the norms of interaction. As we navigate the realm of deals, savings, and informed decision-making, we envision a future where access to unmatched benefits is no longer a privilege but an entitlement.


In a world where privileges often lean towards the largest entities, Cabinet Hub Direct stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. The amalgamation of our team's experience, unwavering dedication, and strategic partnerships has laid the foundation for an initiative that reshapes the concept of equitable access. Whether you're an individual seeking optimal value or a contractor aspiring to compete on a grander scale, Cabinet Hub Direct serves as your gateway to extraordinary savings and empowerment.